Loving Cities Coloring page

Here is a coloring page for a coloring competition of Loving Cities in Australia in 2016. You can check here to see their website with more exciting activities and competitions for little kids.




Reiki Charka Tarot Cards

This was a big project from October to December 2015 which I illustrated and designed all cards, the box, booklets for Tammy Hatherill – a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, plus a Tarot and Reiki Master/Teacher in Australia. She was the inventor of all these charka symbols.

With her detailed instruction, we had a great product came to the public at the beginning of 2016. She sent me 2 boxes to my home address in Vietnam and here is the card in reality. I was really happy to see it xD:

And here is her feedback after the project about my service:


If you like to attend the Tarot card reading class, or you like to check out more about the Tarot card box, just visit Tammy’s website here.