Donkey Ollie series – Translation project

Donkey Ollie book series (40 children stories) includes The Ten Commandments,  The Names of God, The Lord’s Prayer and The Miracles of Jesus. With the story of Donkey Ollie and his lovely family, young children can learn and understand easily the Bible stories.

The stories were not illustrated by me – I only took responsibility to translate the whole collection from English to Vietnamese, and then place all the texts to the book pages. This was a big project from January to October 2016. I also learned a lot after joining this project.

You can find other 29 other languages of Donkey Ollie as Boat Angel Group are taking the stories to spread God’s lessons all around the world in the charity programs.

You can read the English version of Donkey Ollie here: on their website or mobile app.

And here is a small story among the series in Vietnamese version.




Motorcycle Rider handbook illustrations

Here we have some illustrations for a book specially written for motorcycle rider, about all necessary items they should prepare before their long trip, what to avoid during the trip and how to handle the motorcycle in the best way.




A story of siblings

This story was like a gift of the step-brother for her dearest younger sister when they lived far apart from each other. In the beginning, the family relationship was not good, but then they secretly helped and protected each other in their lives. When they grew up, they went to different states of Canada and the brother missed her sister so much. That’s why he included these illustrations in the letter he sent her.

I hope they still keep in touch and remember each other. The story was a secret so I can’t tell you more, but I was so moved when reading it.