Adult coloring pages

Adult coloring books become a popular trend these days, so I got a lot of order for them too. They are much difficult to make than kid coloring pages, but for me, it’s kind of new inspiration (especially when looking at each final coloring page after the order is done).

These 2 are in square size:

And these are among a collection of lovely dogs :):

These are about lovely flowers (or they may be called batik style):

An angel: - adult coloring page (5)

A very detailed Christmas tree: - adult coloring page (7)

Wanna have your own custom design of a cute animal character? Just write a comment or you can make an order here:


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Thank you for reading. Hope you have a nice day! 🙂

Kim Z

(Note: these illustrations are in very low resolution to protect my artworks and my customers’ rights as well)

To be continued.



Illustration for Every Tiger Earns Its Stripes story

This is a kid story of Author Hood, written about Ajayne – a little tigress and her brother. At first, she didn’t have any stripe on her skin. After an adventure and she proved her courage, she got stripes just like her brother.

Ajayne is also the name of my customer, she wrote this book as a Christmas gift for her little daughter 🙂


Some kid coloring pages I made recently

Hi All :),

Long time no see. It’s such a busy time for me recently. This week I will update all the illustrations that I made from the beginning of September till now.

And today is the series of kids coloring page for various customers.

boy-ladybug future-school illustration Illustration_1 illustration-2-kid-bike sketch-hoangnhu13

These day I’m busy with some adult coloring pages. I will update the next series tomorrow 🙂