Some illustrations for a kid book

Here is some illustrations in a kid book that I made for my customer in Germany – 2014. The book title is written in German so I don’t know what it means 😛 but the whole book is about a parrot in black and white flying from a boy’s drawing. Then his friends helped him to put colors on him. Then he is colorful and nice ^_^.

It is a product of Delta-verlag Publishing House in German.


me on date

draw this when waiting for him :p

this is me with brown hair, white shirt, jean. no make up just because I don’t know how to do it. and he doesn’t like me to do that too.

that’s why I’m always the one who waits for the other. just take 5 minutes to prepare for a date. then wait for a half of hour, and feel so excited.

my hometown is so hottt these days. the summer is coming zzzzz.