Redraw from kids’ drawings :)

I got these cute drawings from a customer working in a church, and he often hold event for kids who study in his bible class. At first I don’t understand much about their idea, so I asked him to collect these kids’ idea, and then I know they are a monster holding ice cream, an inmaginary lovely girl, a kid drawing herself jumping rope, a friendly outer-space alien … My customer said that the kids in his church love my drawings a lot ^_^.


Illustration for Every Tiger Earns Its Stripes story

This is a kid story of Author Hood, written about Ajayne – a little tigress and her brother. At first, she didn’t have any stripe on her skin. After an adventure and she proved her courage, she got stripes just like her brother.

Ajayne is also the name of my customer, she wrote this book as a Christmas gift for her little daughter 🙂


Illustrations for Bible stories for Buzz Bait Burritos – Book #1

Here are some illustrations that I drew for Book #1 (among 10 books of the Book Series named “Bible stories for Buzz Bait Burritos” of Frankie Chocolate). His books’ inspiration is from his family members (his kids and grandchildren) and the ten commandments. I’m drawing for the book #2 these days. Hope that I can finish it before Christmas :). When it’s done you can find and buy his books on Amazon store.