Bible stories for Buzz Bait Burritos Book 1

This is Book #1 among the series of “The Ten Commandment” of Frankie Chocolate which I illustrated in 2015. The author was a humorous guy and we had a great time working together on this series. 🙂



Some illustrations of last week

Hi everybody, long time no see. Here is my update with the drawings I made last week :).

First is the illustration for the new book of Nancilee – my long-term customer. She is doing a book including many emotions for children. It’s a challenge for me because I don’t take care much on face emotions and this time I work and learn at the same time :P.


And here are some simple illustrations I made for a video clip:

Some coloring paper for a children book author in the USA. Love to draw this, because I love dog too ^_^

Today, I searched for some document and sample image from Google. Then, I tried to create a series of cartoon faces myself.

6 basic emotions

Try to be better every single day :).