My daily practice illustrations

Here are some illustration that I made with the idea from some of books I read or some movies I saw recently.


The story of the snail who wants to know why it’s slow (I don’t know the exact name in English of that book, I read it in Vietnamese :P)


All is green


Talking to the moon


This is just my own idea. It’s a story in a big big jungle. There was an evil who protects the worm. But after a long sleep, the worm became a butterfly. So the evil felt suspicious of what is happening before his eyes. He asked “who are you?”. I drawed that moment. (Tooooo lazy to finish this illustration.).

My dream from childhood was to become a children book writer. I will do that when I have financial freedom haha.


What I drawed on Monday of some weeks ago.

Now turn back to work. Happy day to everyone ^_^


Fairy Tales: The Marble Mountains

I have been building a website for kids, which contains a lot of Vietnamese fairy tales, fables, humorous stories and anecdotes, written in both Vietnamese and English. It’s name is I will go step by step to finish it. And I need a lot of helps from all of you. x o x o. (Now it takes a lot of time to finish orders from my customers, but I will try to balance my time so that I can bring to you the best story of my country Vietnam 🙂 ).

Here are some illustrations from my site (and also my facebook page) - The Marble Mountain - page (1) - The Marble Mountain - page (2) - The Marble Mountain - page (3) - The Marble Mountain - page (4) - The Marble Mountain - page (5) - The Marble Mountain - page (6)

If you like fairy tales, you can go to my facebook page and like it :P. Thank you a lot.

That is my dream from my childhood time so I will try hard to achieve it ;).

Will update the next story after finishing all my work X_X.