Some coloring pages for Frank Dowling estate agents

A customer form Frank Dowling Estate Agents requested for these coloring pages to give out for free to their clients’ kids in special holidays like Christmas and Easter. With these designs, the kids can spend their time happily while their parents work with the agents’s staff.





Cute Color pencil Drawings

These are 2 hand-drawn illustrations – nearly my first designs when I started working as a designer/illustrator in September 2014. That time everything was so new and exciting to me. These were ordered by a lovely girl from Peru – who talked to me a lot like we are friends 😀 and she just needed them as a gift to save the memory.

These days I’m collecting all of my designs from the very beginning in 2014 until now 😀 so some of them are really not good. But life is like walking on a long road and when you look back, you will see a great progression.

Now I don’t often make illustrations in hand-drawn style like this. Most of the orders I’ve received recently required vector format. You can check my Tumblr blog to see my current style.

Wanna have your own custom design of a cute character? Just write a comment below this post, or you can make an order here:
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Thank you for reading. Hope you have a nice day! 🙂
Kim Z