Beach abstract

It’s such a long time since the last time I drew an abstract with oil color. And here is the result. The moment of sunrise on the beach with a lot of pine trees watching the sun.


(Note: this illustration is in very low resolution to protect my artwork and my customers’ rights as well)


Series of the little red-headed girl and her friends

These are a series of illustrations about the little red-headed girl and her friends.

At first the idea is just a group of friends got surprised by a penguin. Then Christopher – my customer in Hawaii – said that he was impressed by the red-headed girl I drew for him, so he went ahead with a series as you can see below 🙂 He gave me his interesting idea on what to draw and here is how I brought his ideas into life.

I had such a great love to draw these illustrations. And yesterday my cousins said that they checked my Facebook and they were so cute to them lol.

Adult coloring pages

Adult coloring books become a popular trend these days, so I got a lot of order for them too. They are much difficult to make than kid coloring pages, but for me, it’s kind of new inspiration (especially when looking at each final coloring page after the order is done).

These 2 are in square size:

And these are among a collection of lovely dogs :):

These are about lovely flowers (or they may be called batik style):

An angel: - adult coloring page (5)

A very detailed Christmas tree: - adult coloring page (7)

Wanna have your own custom design of a cute animal character? Just write a comment or you can make an order here:


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Thank you for reading. Hope you have a nice day! 🙂

Kim Z

(Note: these illustrations are in very low resolution to protect my artworks and my customers’ rights as well)

To be continued.


Redraw from kids’ drawings :)

I got these cute drawings from a customer working in a church, and he often hold event for kids who study in his bible class. At first I don’t understand much about their idea, so I asked him to collect these kids’ idea, and then I know they are a monster holding ice cream, an inmaginary lovely girl, a kid drawing herself jumping rope, a friendly outer-space alien … My customer said that the kids in his church love my drawings a lot ^_^.