Book cover illustration – Fantasy Abstract

This is an illustration for a book cover with the concept of a mysterious tree in the sun set. The requested main color is dark purple and bright orange. I made this with acrylic color.


How to draw a Fox

How to draw a Fox

This is my second drawing with Stylus – a pen for ipad.

You can see video here:

I don’t have much experience so this is not a tutorial. I just post it because it’s so amazing to draw with a pen on iPad 😀 😀 :D.

Hope that each time I use the pen, my skill will be better.


You are my sunshine in the rain

You are my sunshine in the rain

I draw this when thinking of you. I’m the little girl who is protected by you, the sunflower. No matter how hard the rain besides us, you are always stand by my side. And keep me out of the storm..

KimZ – 2014 – Acrylic on canvas