Nail Salon Unmasked – Book Cover design

This book cover design was finished in November 2014. The book is about the history of Nail Salons in the US, beginning with 2 very first women – who are called “the Godmother of the nail salon”, and then how the industry grew up until nowadays.

I was excited with this project because this was related to my homeland: Vietnam. Though these manicurists started their business in a faraway land – not Vietnam – but I still see the connection between us. I had a chance to work with the author: Claudette Varnado, and we had a great discussion during making the cover.

Later on she tried other designs and finally, she didn’t choose my cover version 😛 but it was a nice experience to me.


If you are interested in this book, you can find it on Amazon Kindle Book Store: “Nail Salons” of Claudette Varnado.

Or you wanna have your own custom design for your book cover? Just write a comment or you can make an order here:

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Thank you for reading. Hope you have a nice day! 🙂

Kim Z




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