Book cover illustration – Fantasy Abstract

This is an illustration for a book cover with the concept of a mysterious tree in the sun set. The requested main color is dark purple and bright orange. I made this with acrylic color.


Nail Salon Unmasked – Book Cover design

This book cover design was finished in November 2014. The book is about the history of Nail Salons in the US, beginning with 2 very first women – who are called “the Godmother of the nail salon”, and then how the industry grew up until nowadays.

I was excited with this project because this was related to my homeland: Vietnam. Though these manicurists started their business in a faraway land – not Vietnam – but I still see the connection between us. I had a chance to work with the author: Claudette Varnado, and we had a great discussion during making the cover.

Later on she tried other designs and finally, she didn’t choose my cover version 😛 but it was a nice experience to me.


If you are interested in this book, you can find it on Amazon Kindle Book Store: “Nail Salons” of Claudette Varnado.

Or you wanna have your own custom design for your book cover? Just write a comment or you can make an order here:

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Thank you for reading. Hope you have a nice day! 🙂

Kim Z




Illustrations for Bible stories for Buzz Bait Burritos – Book #1

Here are some illustrations that I drew for Book #1 (among 10 books of the Book Series named “Bible stories for Buzz Bait Burritos” of Frankie Chocolate). His books’ inspiration is from his family members (his kids and grandchildren) and the ten commandments. I’m drawing for the book #2 these days. Hope that I can finish it before Christmas :). When it’s done you can find and buy his books on Amazon store.