Still a long journey to go

It has been almost half of a year I leave this blog without any posting. it is because I spent a lot of mytime creating my small business on (my page is . Really strange and amazing experience. I always wanted to be an artist, but I’m also stuck with the idea that being an artist is very poor and have no bright future. so, I spent 4 years studying Finance and Banking at Vietnam National University  – Ho Chi Minh City, 4 years that I didn’t know what is the purpose of life.

Now I know it :).

22 years old and still love to read manga, watch cartoon movies. but these days I recognize that my childish hobbies are not bad at all, because I can become a good illustrator for children book :). These days I have a lot of progress in my skills and I will be a professional artist someday.

The knowlegde in university life is not wasted at all though I choose to be an artist for the next stage of my life. I keep all the rule in business and marketing that can help my work go smoothly and have long-term prospect.

I will turn back to update interesting drawings in this blog soon.

Hope that tomorrow will be sunshine and wonderful like today ^^.

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