First pic of new big project – Illustrations for a motorcycle book


Here is my illustration for a new customer – a writer in L.A, the USA. He wrote a book of bikers and motorcyles and now he needs a lot of illustrations for his book.

Time zone difference causes trouble and makes it longer to wait for the next one to draw, because I always send him the revision of this picture when he is about to go to sleep. So that I will have to wait until tonight (about 2 AM at my place) to receive news from him for the next pic’s description. It’s OK because I got used to that. Just so excited in drawing new type that I have never draw before: motorcycle and biker ^_^.

These days I have been thinking a lot and I decided that I won’t be a designer – just keep going as an illustrator. It’s simply because I love to draw these simple things rather than the commercial ones, those commercial will make more money. But I don’t find it interesting to do. I feel very excited when I inmagine and draw what is in my mind following the customers – writers’ instruction. And the good thing is they love my style 😛 :P. That’s enough to be my daily happiness.

Will update soon, Bye ya.


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